Marissa Verma wrote:

> > windowmaker is usually pretty solid, but you could try fvwm2 or kde to
> > see if you still have problems.
> >
> > does it look like something are not refreshing properly?
> i am using the Stealth 3 540 PCI.  it installed on linux without any
> problem.  i have only run into problems in  the gimp.  andi don't think
> its a refreshing problem...  it just draws a block over the screen that
> turns that area of the background into a negative.  it is really odd.
> oh, and when it stays even after i close out of the gimp.  if i move any
> program window over it that erases the flaws.  ...any clues now? i will

that part does sound like a refresh problem which may be in the X server,
except that greg is using a matrox card, and the x server for those is as
good as they come. i just tried wmaker 0.62.1 with CVS gimp and had no
problems. the selection border is drawn as negative, but that looks more
like its supposed to be that way.

maybe you should both try xfree 4. be warned its kinda glitchy too, only a
little more stable than NT4-sp6

> try some different window managers and see what that does.
> marissa

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