On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, James Smaby wrote:

> >since I lost text-version ability
> Who says lynx doesn't support png's?  Lynx actually does a much better
> rendering of png's than any `graphical' browser so far!  Of course, it
> doesn't really do the rendering itself, but forks the displaying of it
> to xv or whatever the person installing lynx sets up as viewer for the
> images. (one could set that as the gimp, although that could get quite
> annoying loading up the gimp for each image one wants to see).

okay.... 'inlined viewing ability' then :-) 

by text-version I mean a version that has all data as text (no imagemaps
etc etc) so that it can be used by blind people surfing. I still have
this on some of my pages....its a nice and neat thing to do.


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