> Hi,> Well there are several ways to I could've done this...only reason I chose
> the alpha mask layer, was so I could introduce this feature...
> Because of the mask, only the parts visible were blurred, and these would
> include the light spots (mainly the skin tones)... Also, it is so that the
> background or surrounds wouldn't be blurred...

Actually it would make sense, but the layer mask IMHO does not define the
active area like a selection does. That way the filter is applied to the whole 
layer not the masked area. It's only a mean of making pixels of the layer
transparent acording to the grayscale mask bitmap. A channel mask on the other
hand can be easily converted to a selection and be used for this purpose.

If there is a special thing you called alpha layer mask, that works differently
then I missed it, but I'm kinda sure it doesn't.

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