> >Hi,
> >Hm...it seems that some people are against my idea, while others
> >seem supportive...

Different countries, different mentalities. I can't see the problem either. I
see women like her everyday when I go swimming. And to be honest, I've haven't
seen any kid going blind, nor do I go nuts about naked breasts... Anyway, the
model is far from being naked. 
The tutorial is just fine, you can use a man for the next tutorial, equal
rights and so on. :-) Or maybe Barbie and Ken...
Is there a link page somewhere where all GIMP tutorial are listed? gimp.org is
really not up to date.

> Don't let any of this get to you, maybe some of the more technical replys
> make sense, the others are just jokes, or simply nonsense.
> next time when you use a picture of a whale you'll probably get people of
> GreenPeace at your throat.
> You use a picture of a steak, and it's the vegetarians, you use a picture of
> glass of milk, and it's the veganists, and so on.


In the USA, it ok to:
-know about the KKK and the michigan militia and claim Germany has a nazi
-have the highest per head polution of the world
-vote for the candidate with the best PR without having a clue of what he stands
-tell the rest of the world what to do

But it is not ok to:
-have a natural relationship to your body and sex and even admit it,
  which doesn't matter, since you can see a bank robbery live in TV at 3pm right
  after school, so sex is boring, killing is cooler
-drink alc. under 21, which doesn't matter, since you can get crack everywhere
-accept that the rest of the world has an opinion too
-admit you have an atom bomb problem in front of Greenland

(Please don't take this too serious)
Oh, BTW, I am american. :-) 

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