On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, pixel fairy wrote:

> yes. there was a set of photoshop like key bindings floatng around, the
> basic ones default to the photoshop ones. you can reassing keybindings by
> hilighting a menu item and pressing the new shortcut key (havent tried it,
> but it keeps showing up in "tip of the day" when you start gimp)

A comment on exactly that feature.  It's nice to be able to
reassign hotkeys as easy as that.   Problem is, there's no
warning when selecting already taken key combinations, thus
the new function assigned to that key comb. will overwrite
the other without giving a single warning or an chance to
confirm this.

Isn't this a neato quicking to the to-do list?

By the way, I like having numpad + and - assigned to zoom
in/out and numpad Enter to zoom=1.


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