Hi Coleen

> On my laptop, when I choose  the Layers, Channels... menu item, I get the
> tabbed inspector that has only two tabs: Layers and Channels.  Isn't there
> supposed to be a paths tab?

The paths tab was not included in version 1.0.4 yet. Try to install 1.1.25 the most 
recent version which is really stable already, I use it almost daily and crashes are 
_very_ rarely.

> Also, I'm used to working fast in Photoshop with keyboard shortcuts...
> does GIMP have that functionality?

Gimp does support shortcuts in a very useful way. You see the already defined 
shortcuts in the menus to the right like "Ctl+D" for example. To define your own 
shortcut just go to the desired command in the menu, and press the desired shortcut. 
If this shortcut was assigned to another command already, the old one will be 
overwritten. Isn't that easy?

> Frustrated,

Not any more, OK? :-)

Hope this helps
        Renzo Lauper

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