> Hi, 
> However, I'm having trouble with paths in GIMP.
> On my laptop, when I choose  the Layers, Channels... menu item, I get the
> tabbed inspector that has only two tabs: Layers and Channels.  Isn't there
> supposed to be a paths tab?

try the devel gimp, which for now is 1.1.25. much better than 1.0.4
> Also, I'm used to working fast in Photoshop with keyboard shortcuts...
> does GIMP have that functionality?  

yes. there was a set of photoshop like key bindings floatng around, the
basic ones default to the photoshop ones. you can reassing keybindings by
hilighting a menu item and pressing the new shortcut key (havent tried it,
but it keeps showing up in "tip of the day" when you start gimp)

the middle mouse button pans the image. one of those little things that
grows on you...

> Frustrated,
> Coleen 

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