I think the paths option is only a function of the developers version of
gimp 1.2.x. Yes Gimp has shortcut functionality too, the key shortcuts are
listed on menu items when you right click on any image. Its also possible to
reassign these shortcuts. From memory you press the keys you want to assign
after highligting a particular menu item


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Subject: selection to paths?!

> Hi,
> I'm new to the list and also new to GIMP.  I'm a long-time Photoshop user
> and visual designer, so I can maneuver around a tool like GIMP/Photoshop
> pretty well; lots of UI similarities.
> However, I'm having trouble with paths in GIMP.
> I run 1.0.4 on Redhat Linux on my laptop, and also on my Solaris box at
> work.  Both boxes run Gnome, of course.
> On my laptop, when I choose  the Layers, Channels... menu item, I get the
> tabbed inspector that has only two tabs: Layers and Channels.  Isn't there
> supposed to be a paths tab?
> On my Solaris box, when I do the same thing, I see the paths tab there,
> but when I try  "paths to selection", I get an error that says something
> like: paths to selection failed.
> Very unhelpful.
> Also, I'm used to working fast in Photoshop with keyboard shortcuts...
> does GIMP have that functionality?
> Frustrated,
> Coleen

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