Hi everyone,  

Thanks so much for all your replies; I'll go try installing 1.1.25 now,
although I'm kind of bummed that I'll be looking around for a shitload of
dependencies (I was going to update gnome so that it'll just be a one-shot
thing but helixcode seems to be broken at the moment and I have a 28.8
wireless connection).

On my solarisbox, also, GIMP doesn't recognize gif!  urg.


On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, Renzo Lauper wrote:

> Hi Coleen
> > On my laptop, when I choose  the Layers, Channels... menu item, I get the
> > tabbed inspector that has only two tabs: Layers and Channels.  Isn't there
> > supposed to be a paths tab?
> The paths tab was not included in version 1.0.4 yet. Try to install 1.1.25 the most 
>recent version which is really stable already, I use it almost daily and crashes are 
>_very_ rarely.
> > Also, I'm used to working fast in Photoshop with keyboard shortcuts...
> > does GIMP have that functionality?
> Gimp does support shortcuts in a very useful way. You see the already defined 
>shortcuts in the menus to the right like "Ctl+D" for example. To define your own 
>shortcut just go to the desired command in the menu, and press the desired shortcut. 
>If this shortcut was assigned to another command already, the old one will be 
>overwritten. Isn't that easy?
> > Frustrated,
> Not any more, OK? :-)
> Hope this helps
>       Renzo Lauper
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