[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-10-07 at 2309.59 +0400):
> I need to convert gimp's native xcf picture into EPS (Encapsulated
> Postscript) format.  How can I do this?  (Save As... dialog
> have no EPS choice).  May be I should get a plugin (where?).

Type filename.eps, the PostScript dialog appears, with Encapsulated
option checked. Easy. After all, EPS is a type of PS, no?

> What other program may I use for that purpose?

I think none directly, XCF is Gimp's format. Maybe in the future, but
I know none now (I have heard of people interested in coding XCF
loader / savers, but that was a few months ago and required license
changes, so I doubt they will have a viable solution today, or to be
precisse more viable than Gimp).


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