searching in the direction of illustrator i would like to promote "sketch"
again. it's certainly not the perfect tool with all functions like some of
the classic window/mac stuff, but it's quit promissing. it can combine
pixel/vector graphics with simple text etc. it uses layers and it has an pdf
export filter.

perhaps that's what your looking for?

have fun with linux


Carl-Johan Sveningsson wrote:

>  I'm
> looking for _is_  something like Illustrator/PageMaker/Distiller...It's
> aiming very high, but sad as it is, from your replies, nothing such seems
> to be present under linux (for free at least), only hard-to-use, crappy,
> half-way solutions are?
> I *can* live with that, don't misinterpret me, I was just pushing it to
> see if maybe someone maybe knew better than me and could give us all some
> hope.
> Thank you all.
> /Carl-Johan

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