You may want to try the lyx document processor to compose your document Lyx can import your gimp file so long as it is saved as an EPS.
When the document is complete save as postscript, then use the ps2pdf
utility to turn it into a pdf. With the right preamble and structure you can
even get the navigation pane working on your pdf documents.

Another alternative would be to check out htmldoc, this programme will
convert your html documents to pdf documents

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> > > Well, it may sound confused, and is only sligthly gimp-related (it's
> > > favourite tool), but can someone inform me of the best way to create
> > > _good_ portable documents, preferrably under linux, preferrably
> > > spending thousands of bucks on Adobe software?
> >
> > ASCII text.  you wouldn't want to trade the box for what's in it,
> > would you?
> Umm..."trade the box for..."?
> Ok, my point seemingly didn't make it through...when saying "portable
> documents", I was more aiming for the pdf graphically-, layout-portable
> than a multiplatform-, readable-on-all-platforms-portable.
> You get my point? How can I in a good way under linux (with gimp?) create
> portable text/graphical productions?
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