> Type filename.eps, the PostScript dialog appears, with Encapsulated
> option checked. Easy. After all, EPS is a type of PS, no?

That's neat! But, maybe after all it should be listed as an ordinary

> I think none directly, XCF is Gimp's format. Maybe in the future, but
> I know none now (I have heard of people interested in coding XCF
> loader / savers, but that was a few months ago and required license
> changes, so I doubt they will have a viable solution today, or to be
> precisse more viable than Gimp).

I've been thinking about this for a while, about how to do proper
documents for distribution (what pdf is really for) under linux.

Gif is out of the question, filesizes sucks, resolution sucks,
preservation of proper size sucks.

HTML-documents are ok...nice text with some images, but you can't really
make sure printing will be nice anyway...

PS is ok...so is EPS, but people usually don't have the facilities to
print those...but it can do vector-stuff, and that's nice.

PDF would be great, so what I now wonder, how good is really ps2pdf? It
can't be Adobe Distiller but does it even does the work properly? Are
vector-graphics converted to bitmaps somwhere in the process? 

Well, it may sound confused, and is only sligthly gimp-related (it's my
favourite tool), but can someone inform me of the best way to create
_good_ portable documents, preferrably under linux, preferrably without
spending thousands of bucks on Adobe software?

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