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> don't know what kind of data you want to add to your pdf files, but

Different stuff. Pixmap images, vectorized ones... One of the important
things is that netscape does a crappy job in printing images, you can't
have resolutions greater than 72 dpi, is it?

Gimp in turn does a crappy job in setting text, if I want reasonably good
resolution in the text too, the filesize will be totally unacceptable.

> what about Ghostscript? it hink it does a good job in converting *.ps
> into a lot of formats, includiding pdf.

Maybe. I honestly don't know.
All I've seen is that it seems to do roughly what it's supposed to
do. Umm...or, ok, I haven't touched Ghostscript, I was talking about

ps2pdf converts raw ps to pdf, but for example, you get no proper
a4-format or anything, the ps is usually stripped down without margins to
the largest object to be printed. Also, I get the feeling that ps2pdf
doesn't use _any_ of the extended features I believe are present in pdf,
thus does a crappy job. I don't even know if it's possible to control
resolution in ps-embedded pixmaps, but I suppose it is, since it is in
LaTeX anyway...

How does Ghostscript work?

But still presents the problem of producing a nice ps then. Typesetting in
LyX *shiver* or LaTeX _is_ possible. But it's not nice. Yes, what I'm
looking for _is_  something like Illustrator/PageMaker/Distiller...It's
aiming very high, but sad as it is, from your replies, nothing such seems
to be present under linux (for free at least), only hard-to-use, crappy,
half-way solutions are?

I *can* live with that, don't misinterpret me, I was just pushing it to
see if maybe someone maybe knew better than me and could give us all some

Thank you all.



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