Carl-Johan Sveningsson wrote:
> > > Well, it may sound confused, and is only sligthly gimp-related (it's my
> > > favourite tool), but can someone inform me of the best way to create
> > > _good_ portable documents, preferrably under linux, preferrably without
> > > spending thousands of bucks on Adobe software?
> >
> > ASCII text.  you wouldn't want to trade the box for what's in it,
> > would you?
> Umm..."trade the box for..."?
> Ok, my point seemingly didn't make it through...when saying "portable
> documents", I was more aiming for the pdf graphically-, layout-portable
> than a multiplatform-, readable-on-all-platforms-portable.
> You get my point? How can I in a good way under linux (with gimp?) create
> portable text/graphical productions?

I would say you will come closest to meeting both portability issues by
using html.

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