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> On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Robert Schiffers wrote:
> > searching in the direction of illustrator i would like to promote "sketch"
> > again. it's certainly not the perfect tool with all functions like some of
> > the classic window/mac stuff, but it's quit promissing. it can combine
> > pixel/vector graphics with simple text etc. it uses layers and it has an pdf
> > export filter.
> > 
> > perhaps that's what your looking for?
> > 
> >
> Yes, but now I remember why I never got to install sketch. It's a mess to
> get to work! I requires python (no worries, I have that), but also PIL,
> some python-library to work with images. I couldn't get PIL to compile
> properly, and at least didn't immeadeately find a binary package of it, so
> sketch fell on that too...

Well, installing PIL is indeed the hardest part in getting Sketch to
work. If you tell what went wrong when you tried to compile PIL, I could
perhaps help you.

Note also that some Linux distributions include Sketch (and therefore
also PIL), e.g. SuSE 7.0, Mandrake 7.0 and Debian (the most obvious
exception being Red Hat), and that there are some pointers to PIL
packages Sketch's webpage.

Bernhard Herzog   | Sketch, a drawing program for Unix

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