Stephan Henningsen wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Thomas Gritsch wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Jonathan Gift wrote:
> > > Hi, With the new gimp1.2 I just noticed .xvpics directories popping up
> > > like mushrooms. This something to do with preview settings?
> > As far as I know .xvpics directories are used to store previews.
> Correct, also called thumbnails.  I think it's more og less
> a standard developed by the XV-team.  I like GIMP being able
> to make use of it.  It's simple small images (in some
> obscure format =) saved in a hidden directory called .xvpics.
> However, GIMP can be told to stop saving new thumbnails
> somewhere in the preferences menu.  Sorry, I cannot help
> you further because I haven't installed GIMP on my new Debian
> system yet.
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> Stephan Henningsen  /
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What IS the format? How could I use the thumbnails in other ways? 

I would like a thumbnail to be availabale for use on a web page. I know I could
probably gin up a method using convert or some-such, but since the full-size
images are always being processed with gimp, it would save a bunch of
time/effort to be able to use the thumbnails directly.


Bill Lee

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