The site looks great! I only have a few minor cosmetic concerns though:

1. The About GIMP, Documentation, Donations, Get Involved, and Tutorial links 
in the footer and menu bar don't have icons next to them. What's strange is 
that on the mobile version, the Documentation and Tutorials links both have 
icons. I personally think these would look nice:
 - About GIMP: Not sure but maybe a question mark?
 - Donations: A simple dollar sign
 - Get Involved: A handshake

2. The images for the GIMP icon in the menu bar and footer are much lower 
quality than the other icons. I'm only looking at the site on my phone so I 
can't tell for sure but I'm gonna assume that the other icons are vectors 
whereas the GIMP icon is a bitmap image. Also, the icons for Scribus, Inkscape, 
and SwatchBooker should either be halved in size or replaced with higher DPI 
icons for hi-res devices. Perhaps do the same thing with the "Graphic Design 
Elements" and "Programming Algorithms" backgrounds but loading higher DPI 
images for those might start causing load issues for people on mobile devices 
so I don't think that's too important personally.

3. The Recent News title on the News page doesn't have a border and shadow 
underneath it like the Documentation, Tutorials, and other titles on their 
respective pages do.

4. The OpenHub activity tracker's design and style doesn't fit with the rest of 
the site. But that's just mostly color scheme and font.

Other than that, everything else looks great!

A far as the GIMP registry goes, part of me wants to preserve it and just 
update Drupal to the latest version (assuming it's backwards compatible) and 
hope it has better spam protection. But on the other hand, I'd like to see it 
redone entirely in a way that's built for spam protection from the group up. 
They both have their pros and cons:

Fix the Current Site
 - Should be relatively simple.
 - No loss of plugins and posts.
 - Current registry users won't have to learn a new system for posting plugins 
or responses.

 - AFAIK, there's no real version control on Drupal making it difficult for 
users to find the version of a plugin their looking for.
 - Potential for future problems due to old server configs.

Create an All New Site
 - We can rest assured spam won't be an issue.
 - We can modify it to our and the users needs from the ground up.

 - Will be a massive undertaking.
 - Will have the need for moving over old plugins from the old site.

Those are just my thoughts on it.

Kasim Ahmic

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> On Nov 8, 2015, at 10:27 AM, Pat David <> wrote:
> Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback!
>> On Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 4:37 PM yahvuu <> wrote:
>> On
>>   There is a typo in Section 'High Quality Photo Manipulation':
>>       'GIMP provides the tools for needed for high quality image'
>>                  (delete word)  -------^
> Awesome!  Thank you for that - fixed in 41b3f77
>>   Things you might consider:
>>     - Section 'Extensibility & Flexibility':
>>       Add Link to
> I agree with adding this link to the section, but am not sure if we should
> hold off until we decide what we want to do with the registry (or just go
> ahead and link it, and let folks get the archived version until we switch
> things up).  The registry is in a poor state, and there's not much we can
> do about it from our end (old drupal install that is vulnerable to spam).
> I was going to address some ideas in a separate thread on the ML later at
> some point and see what everyone thought.
>>     - A new Section "Get Involved":
>>       ~ "GIMP is a community project which is driven by volunteers with
>> a wide range of interests and skills. Have a look how you can become
>> part of the community" with link to  *)
> Great idea!  I'll have a look at integrating a section like this.  Along
> that same idea, we should probably have a look at cleaning up /develop/ and
> making it a bit cleaner, simpler, clearer?  We've already had a couple of
> commits for those pages, yay!
>> On
>>   - Section "GIMP Development Links":
>>     "Martin Nordholts’ GIMP Blog -- What happens in GIMP development."
>>       ^--- The blog is not active anymore, this item can be deleted.
> I see that it's not active, though the information is still archived
> there.  Should we delete the link completely or mark it as inactive and
> leave the link to the old material?  I'm not sure on this and am looking
> for some guidance/opinions from those who know more than me. :)
> pat
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