Triggering appropriate actions when users click a social or donation
link could probably be added as URL queries to the linked address. I
could help research the exact strings we'd need if you give me
something specific to look for.
On Sun, 2015-11-08 at 15:29 +0000, Pat David wrote:
> Hi Andrew!
> On Thu, Nov 5, 2015 at 5:39 PM Andrew Toskin <> wrote:
> > This seems like the obvious solution to me: You can avoid adding
> > trackers by leaving out any iframes or JavaScript that Facebook or
> > Paypal might generate for you. Don't use any plugins or whatever,
> > just
> > create normal anchor tag () hyperlinks, possibly wrapped around
> > the
> > social media logos/icons. Is there any reason that wouldn't work?
> Yes, this is the plan.  I was hoping to at least be able to build
> those links so that they trigger the appropriate action on the other
> (social) site side (pointing to and including meta information for
> the link post).
> But yes, you're right.  In a nutshell the links will be static
> objects, using static assets that we host.  Nothing will happen on
> other sites without the explicit action of a user on our side (which
> I prefer personally). 
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