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> I just finished building a site that had many of the same features.
> Http://blenderstorm.tuxfamily.org check it out and tell me what you
> think. It was supposed to be a site for feature requests for Blender. It
> does have a forum though.

Nice!  Look great.

I was mostly considering the prior use cases for the registry that made it
helpful/handy.  I came up with these broad thoughts:

1. Allow registered users to post content:
    a. Post new scripts/plugins with attachments and versioning if possible
    b. Post comments on other items
2. Allow embeds, attachments, versioning history, and possibly wiki-like
editing on the pages based on user permissions.
3. Allow easy moderation/administration of topics/comments/users (important
as there are limited people available to police things).

Honestly, the more I think about it, the more it seems like it might be
better served by something like discourse (you can see the instance I'm
running over at discuss.pixls.us to see what I mean).

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this overall?
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