Speaking of Gina's spdif input, i have noticed on some things it inserts
clicks.  this recently occured with a lucid technology ada 1000 converter
where the clicks and pops were very bad.  now i'm noticing come clicks
(although not nearly the number using the lucid) when i transfer some dat
stuff using spdif.  i use the panasonic sv3700.  currently i am avoiding
the spdif in and doing everything analog in.  i get a -90db noise floor on
my gina, which i consider excellent.  the lucid, by the way had a floor of
-84db!  not good for a dedicated unit that costs more than one gina card.

what i would like to know is are there other gina spdif in click stories
out there.  perhaps there is something not synchronizing with what i heard
is called the master clock in the computer and the external device (the dat
deck).  is there a way to make gina synch up in all means with the external
device it is digitally connected to?

i do monitor all my audio with the gina spdif output and it always sounds
fine.  hell even the creative labs awe 64gold spdif sounds great.

anway, click stories anybody?

-john pemble

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