>I think Office 2000 is the dumbest upgrade I've ever seen.  It takes
>forever to load on your computer and when you boot sometimes it optimized
>your Office files.  What is up with that?
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FWIW, It's probably a good idea to avoid placing M$ products (other
than Win9x) on an audio workstation, but if you have only one computer
 (like me), I understand.  If by optimizing you mean Fast Indexing, this
 is usually a shortcut in the startup programs folder and can be deleted...I 
usually do a custom install and don't install it.  Also drag "OSA" out 
of startup. If you're running Win98 you can kill the office startup bar, too.
Try running msconfig and using selective startup...choose the minimal 
amount of items you need to run your computer.  The fewer background
processes that you have running, the more resources you'll have free
for digi audio work :-)

PS...You're totally right about the upgrade...stupid, overpriced, fluffy BS.


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