Since we call waitForCompletion() (which calls submit() internally) in GiraphJob#run(), we cannot override those methods. A better fix would probably be to use composition rather than inheritance (i.e.

public class GiraphJob {
    Job internalJob;

and expose the methods we would like as necessary. There are other methods we don't want the user to call, (i.e. setMapperClass(), etc.). David, can you please open an issue for this?


On 2/8/12 5:17 PM, David Garcia wrote:
This is a very subtle bug.  GiraphJob inherits from
org.apache.mapreduce.Job.  However, the methods submit() and
waitForCompletion() are not overridden.  I assumed that they were
implemented, so when I called either one of these methods, the framework
started up identity mappers/reducers.  A simple fix is to throw
unsupported operation exceptions or to implement these methods.  Perhaps
this has been done already?


On 2/7/12 7:46 PM, "David Garcia"<>  wrote:

I am running into a weird error that I haven't seen yet (I suppose I've
been lucky).  I see the following in the logging:

org.apache.hadoop.util.NativeCodeLoader: Unable to load native-hadoop
library for your platform... using builtin-java classes where applicable

In the job definition, the property "" is not even
defined.  For Giraph, this is usually set to

I'm building my project with hadoop 0.20.204.

When I build the GiraphProject myself (and run my own tests with the
projects dependencies), I have no problems.  The main difference is that
I'm using a Giraph dependency in my work project.  All input is welcome.


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