I also love the permeability of GO. And I think it's very important
to be able to discuss politics and religion, as these are really central
to much of the literature that we discuss. It would be difficult to
discuss Pullman, C.S. Lewis, Antonia Forest, or most 19th-century 
authors without some reference to politics or religion.

I love the fact that GO is very international and varied and that one 
can get the perspectives of people from a huge variety of countries,
age-groups, religions, and political viewpoints. I have learned a lot,
and adjusted some of my own assumptions.

I would be very sad if this list became just another list that 
required one to just post on very specific topics, and discouraged
all off-topic comment. 

In other words, I, too, would like GO to remain as it is.

However, my interpretation of Helen's remark was not that certain 
topics are banned and anyone who posts on them will be promptly 
censored. It does seem that there are a few topics that arouse
very strong feelings in some people, and can lead them to 
attempt to 'spank' and 'censor' people who post on these subjects.
This sort of thing is not always confined to politics or religion.
I think that for most people, being 'spanked' by other list members
is actually more intimidating than being 'spanked' by a moderator,
because it feels more personal. Having some possibilities for action
by a moderator in extreme cases, may actually reduce some people's
nervousness about posting.


In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Diane Purkiss <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
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> >
> I would also argue strenuously for the permeability of the 'topic' we
> discuss.  At bottom, it's books, and talking about books can lead almost
> anywhere - to cooking or religion or showjumping or very personal
> histories - and all those thigns can eb relevant to books and
> illuminating about them.  I fear - and it may be irrational - that this
> admin rule may lead to self-censorship; people may so dislike the spank
> that they don't dare bring up politics or history or religion.  And I
> for one love the way we can discuss hairwashing one week and Bush the
> next, with an in-depth reading of Trease's politics sandwiched between.  
> I think all I'm really saying is that I love GO as it is.  And I don't
> want it to change.  
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