Junio C Hamano writes:

> The new output looks a lot less cluttering and I like it very
> much, but it is confusing to me on one count.  I clicked one
> arrowhead pointing downward, expecting that the pane would jump
> scroll to show the counterpart arrowhead, and was dissapointed

OK, you're the second person to ask for that, so I'll see what I can
do about it.  I can think of 3 possible behaviors when you click on
the arrowhead:

1. scroll to bring the other arrowhead on-screen and briefly make it
   larger or something similar to draw attention to it

2. scroll to bring the other arrowhead on-screen and warp the pointer
   to it

3. select the next commit in the indicated direction which is a child
   or parent that the line connects (scroll to make it visible,
   highlight it, show its diff).

Which do you think would be best?

> > http://ozlabs.org/~paulus/gitk/gitk.hs
> I first thought you rewrote it in Haskell ;-).

Hmmm, maybe it's apache on ozlabs.org that is under that

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