Paul Mackerras <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> OK, you're the second person to ask for that, so I'll see what I can
> do about it.  I can think of 3 possible behaviors when you click on
> the arrowhead:
> 1. scroll to bring the other arrowhead on-screen and briefly make it
>    larger or something similar to draw attention to it
> 2. scroll to bring the other arrowhead on-screen and warp the pointer
>    to it
> 3. select the next commit in the indicated direction which is a child
>    or parent that the line connects (scroll to make it visible,
>    highlight it, show its diff).
> Which do you think would be best?

Hmph.  I think, aside from being color challenged, the primary
source of confusion for me was that the lines with arrowheads
were too long, and the node and the arrowhead did not fit within
the height of the graphical pane, at least with my window

I wonder if not having downward or upward arrows for a long
stretch would work better.  Lose the vertical line for such
hyperspace links, and instead have a horizonal short line with
arrowheads to denote that there are also hyperspace lines coming
into or out of that node.  That way you can save one column for
a vertical line, and my preference for clicking on such an
arrowhead would be #3 from the above.

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