Hi, Sean wrote:

> The line flowing from this commit extends ~200 more commits downward
> before it is finally terminated with an arrowhead.   It would be nice if
> this line could be made shorter, such that the arrowhead was drawn much
> closer to commit in question.

Good point. The arrowheads tend to get lost otherwise; in my tree, the
problem is even worse since the downward-pointing arrow (drawn in grey) is
directly below a horizontal line connecting two unrelated changes -- which
is *also* grey.  That makes the actual arrowhead perceptually invisible.

If the arrow appears directly below a node, you don't get that problem.

Another point I just noticed: The arrows should be directly below
each other, if at all possible; i.e. the one pointing up should be in the
same column as the corresponding arrow pointing down.

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