On Thu, September 1, 2005 4:10 pm, Alex Riesen said:

> That's a fine feature :)
> BTW, did you sometimes notice lines you can't click at all?
> An example is the red line on the most left side of the graph
> by SHA 66129f88c4cc719591f687e5c8c764fe9d3e437a.
> It goes from blue up-arrow  through green left bump to the grey
> down-arrow (on my system in the kernel tree). Clicking on the blue
> arrow (on the line, not the arrow itself) will turn the blue line
> stricken-
> through with the red line (a bold blue line with a red streak inside),
> the next click leaves me with with just bold blue line and broken
> red line above it.

For what it's worth, everything near that SHA1 works here as expected.  
Although I wasn't able to follow what you meant by "blue up-arrow through
green left bump..." etc.   But all the lines respond to being clicked and
all the arrow heads in that area properly jump to their corresponding

That's with the latest checked out version of git and tcl/tk 8.4.9 as well.


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