On 9/1/05, Sean <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > BTW, did you sometimes notice lines you can't click at all?
> > An example is the red line on the most left side of the graph
> > by SHA 66129f88c4cc719591f687e5c8c764fe9d3e437a.
> For what it's worth, everything near that SHA1 works here as expected.
> Although I wasn't able to follow what you meant by "blue up-arrow through
> green left bump..." etc.   But all the lines respond to being clicked and
> all the arrow heads in that area properly jump to their corresponding
> commit.
> That's with the latest checked out version of git and tcl/tk 8.4.9 as well.

I just tested it on another system (8.4.6, Slackware 10+), and it works
correctly too. Probably it is Gentoo's (or mine, you never know in Gentoo)
Tcl/Tk, which is broken somewhere.
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