Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com> wrote:
> #### Other version control systems
> 20. What other version control systems (SCM) do you use beside Git?
>    (multiple choice, with other)
> Explanation: "using" version control system here means using
> it to actively contribute (propose changes or accept proposals),
> and not only e.g. using it to download software.
> JN> Perhaps we should split it into two questions, one about
> JN> centralized version control systems, one about distributed
> JN> ones.

Perhaps there can be a question about use and interest of other
decentralized/federated systems which could be potential
collaboration tools or transports for git.
e.g. ipfs, gpg, tor, diaspora, *coin, tent, xmpp, matrix, ...

And another about how they use email: webmail, GUI client,
console client, phone app, none at all.
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