W dniu 20.08.2016 o 23:29, Eric Wong pisze:
> Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> #### Other version control systems
>> 20. What other version control systems (SCM) do you use beside Git?
>>    (multiple choice, with other)
>> Explanation: "using" version control system here means using
>> it to actively contribute (propose changes or accept proposals),
>> and not only e.g. using it to download software.
>> JN> Perhaps we should split it into two questions, one about
>> JN> centralized version control systems, one about distributed
>> JN> ones.
> Perhaps there can be a question about use and interest of other
> decentralized/federated systems which could be potential
> collaboration tools or transports for git.
> e.g. ipfs, gpg, tor, diaspora, *coin, tent, xmpp, matrix, ...
> And another about how they use email: webmail, GUI client,
> console client, phone app, none at all.

I am of two minds about those (and similar) questions.  One
one hand side, these are quite interesting (especially correlated
with other answers).  On the other hand, they are not about Git,
and we have large number of questions already - I'd prefer if
number of questions was below 50-60.

That said, those questions could be added as a separate section:

#### Other tools

XX. How do you read and answer email (check all that apply)?
    (multiple choice, possibly with other)

 + GUI client (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, Evolution, KMail)
 + console client (e.g. pine, alpine, mutt)
 + webmail or web client (e.g. GMail, Hotmail; HyperKitty)
 + phone app (e.g. K-9 Mail, Airmail, CloudMagic)
 + I don't use email

XX. Which of the decentralized/federated systems do you use
    or are interested in?

JN> Have I missed some interesting and Git-relevant federated system?

 + PGP / GPG
 + Tor
 + diaspora*
 + Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, etc.
 + tent.io
 + XMPP / Jabber
 + Matrix.org
 + pump.io
 + other, please specify

There are a few other questions that we might want to ask if
such section is to be added to the Git User's Survey 2016:

XX. Which of IDEs and programmer's editors do you use [with Git]?
    (multiple choice, with other)

JN> Have I missed some popular IDE or programmers editor?

 + Visual Studio
 + Eclipse
 + NetBeans
 + Xcode
 + IntelliJ IDEA / PhpStorm / WebStorm
 + KDevelop
 + Anjuta

 + Sublime Text
 + TextMate
 + Emacs
 + Vim
 + Atom
 + Brackets
 + Geany

 + other IDE or editor, please specify

XX. Which of the programming languages are you proficient with?
    (multiple choices, with other)

JN> Based on TIOBE index from August 2016, Language Trends on GitHub
JN> 2015, GitHut (languages in GitHub), Stack Overflow Developer
JN> Survey 2016, and my own preferences; in no particular order

 + C
 + C++
 + C#
 + Java
 + VisualBasic.NET 
 + Objective-C

 + Python
 + Perl
 + PHP
 + JavaScript
 + Ruby
 + shell scripe

 + CSS, LESS, SASS etc.
 + TeX, LaTeX, ConTeXt
 + SQL

 + Go
 + Rust
 + Swift
 + Scala
 + Haskell

Jakub Narębski

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