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> 25. What [channel(s)] do you use to request/get help about Git [(if any)]

It may also be useful to ask how people hear news about git, such as
when a new release comes out. Not sure if worth a separate question,
as there is a lot of crossover in the resources available for this and
for requesting help, but knowing this information would help us
understand what kinds of users are responding and which communication
channels are effective for git news.

Related, it might be worth asking how often people upgrade their git
clients and servers, particularly in corporate/managed environments.
This question would ask two things, how long after a new release comes
out do you install it, and do you install every update that comes out
or do you skip versions. I suspect many would just use whatever is
released in their distro and update at the same time as they update
other packages, but it would be interesting to know if people, for
example, only upgrade their managed environments every year/6 months
or something to avoid introducing changes to their users.


Andrew Ardill
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