On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 4:45 PM, Jonathan Nieder <jrnie...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Max Horn wrote:
>> Aha, now I understand what this patch is about. So I would suggest
>> this alternate commit message:
>>   remote-testgit: make it explicit clear that we use the 'done' feature
>>   Previously we relied on passing '--use-done-feature ' to git
>>   fast-export, which is easy to miss when looking at this script.
> I'm not immediately sure I agree this is even a problem.  Is the point
> that other fast-import frontends do not have a --use-done-feature
> switch,

You mean other fast-exports.

And what other fast-exports? Most remote helpers don't use an external
fast-export tool, and the only I know that used one is the one I wrote
(and is now deprecated) that used bzr fast-export, and no, that one
didn't support the done feature.

Most remote helpers would probably be doing the equivalent of
fast-export themselves.

> so a typical remote helper has to do that work itself, and the
> sample "testgit" remote helper would be a more helpful example by
> doing that work itself?


> The idea behind --use-done-feature is that if fast-export exits early
> for some reason and its output is going to a pipe then at least the
> stream will be malformed, making it easier to catch errors.  So there
> is something to be weighed here: is it more important to illustrate
> how to make your fast-export tool's output prefix-free,

What fast-export tool?

This is a remote helper.

> or is it more
> important to illustrate how to work around a fast-export tool that
> doesn't support that feature?


If you want to launch a campaign of adding the 'done' feature to
whatever fast-export tools are out there (that I'm not aware of), go
ahead, but this is about remote helpers, most (all?) of which would
not use a fast-export tool to achieve the export, but do it


Felipe Contreras
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