Max Horn <> writes:

> Aha, now I understand what this patch is about. So I would suggest this 
> alternate commit message:
>   remote-testgit: make it explicit clear that we use the 'done' feature
>   Previously we relied on passing '--use-done-feature ' to git fast-export, 
> which is
>   easy to miss when looking at this script. Since remote-testgit is also a 
> reference
>   implementation, we now explicitly output 'feature done' / 'done' to make it
>   crystal clear that we implement this feature.

I'd state it like this, but I may have guessed what Felipe intended

    remote-testgit: advertise "done" feature and write "done" ourselves
    Instead of letting "fast-export" advertise the feature and ending
    its stream with "done", do it ourselves.  This way, it would make it
    more clear to people who want to write their own remote-helper to
    produce fast-export streams without using "fast-export
    --use-done-feature" that they are supposed to end their stream with
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