Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> writes:

> On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 9:19 PM, Ramkumar Ramachandra
> <artag...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> There is no need to use a hammer and coerce everything into an atom,
>> or throw everything out the window and start from scratch to conform
>> to pretty-formats perfectly.  Let's extend the existing format to be
>> _useful_ sensibly.
> Usefulness is one thing. Another is maintenance and in that regard I
> still think we should be able to remove -v and -vv code (not the
> functionality) with this topic.

Yes, the aim of the topic should be to make the machinery flexible
enough so that we can lose -v/-vv implementation and replace them
with calls to the new machinery with canned set of output format

By the way, I do not think "useable git-branch" is a good title,
though.  The expression has unnecessary venom in it, as if what it
currently does is not usable.  More flexible would be fine.

I am having this feeling that we see more and more of this line of
bad behaviours from some on the list recently to call something that
is working in which they find itch using unnecessarily derogatory
terms, and it makes people simply avoid any discussion that starts
with such an attitude.

Unnecessary negativity is not productive and it has to stop.

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