On Tue, May 28, 2013 at 9:24 PM, Ramkumar Ramachandra
<artag...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Oh, and by the way:
> We're pretty close we are to replacing branch -v and branch -vv.
> brv = for-each-ref --format='%(HEAD)
> %C(green)%<(*)%(refname:short)%C(reset) %<(*)%(objectname:short)
> %(subject)' refs/heads
> brvv = for-each-ref --format='%(HEAD)
> %C(green)%<(*)%(refname:short)%C(reset) %<(*)%(objectname:short)
> %C(blue)%(upstream:short)%C(reset) %(subject)' refs/heads
> There are small differences:
> 1. In branch -v, the green-color of the branch name is dependent on
> %(HEAD).  Not worth ironing out, in my opinion.
> 2. In branch -vv, there are dependent square braces that come on when
> %(refname:short) is set.  We might want to introduce an undocumented
> %(refname:branchvv) for internal use by branch -vv, for backward
> compatibility.
> What do you think?

I think we can change -v and -vv format slightly as long as the
information remains the same. Nobody should ever parse these output
with scripts. The color can be generated from color.branch.*. A bigger
problem is show_detached(), --[no-]merged, --with and --contains. We
need to move some of those code over to for-each-ref. Another problem
is the new "branch -v" seems to less responsive than old "branch -v"
because (I think) of sorting, even if we don't need it. I checked out
your branch, made some more updates and pushed out to my
for-each-ref-pretty again. Changes are:

 - fix segfault with "for-each-ref --format=%something refs/tags/'
 - add --pretty for new format syntax and keep --format unchanged
 - add --[no-]column to for-each-ref (for "git branch" with no arguments)
 - remove branch listing code and use for-each-ref instead (41
inserts, 378 deletes, beautiful).
 - add --sort and --count to git-branch
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