Junio C Hamano wrote:
> I am having this feeling that we see more and more of this line of
> bad behaviours from some on the list recently to call something that
> is working in which they find itch using unnecessarily derogatory
> terms, and it makes people simply avoid any discussion that starts
> with such an attitude.
> Unnecessary negativity is not productive and it has to stop.

My apologies.  After all, we have all been using 'git branch' for so
many years without complaining.  I only noticed the itch recently:
it's a burning itch that I want it to be fixed very badly (hence the
series).  If anything I intended to convey the importance of the patch
to me personally, not about some "general truth" on the broken-ness of

Ofcourse I will take your suggestion and tone down, because I don't
want the git community to feel bad about the software they're
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