On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 7:52 PM, Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Duy Nguyen wrote:
>> Nobody should ever parse these output
>> with scripts. The color can be generated from color.branch.*.
> How do we implement color.branch.(current|local|remote|plain)?  In the
> current code, we take a crude approach by hand-constructing argc, argv
> strings and passing it to cmd_for_each_ref().  There are no
> conditionals in the format syntax (and introducing one is probably not
> a good idea either): so, I'm guessing these configuration variables
> have to be read by for-each-ref?

Maybe. I don't really like the idea that for-each-ref reads _branch_
config. We could introduce the same set of keys but in
color.for-each-ref namespace. %C(auto) will take care of the logic and
choose the correct color key. When we replace branch's listing code
with for-each-ref, I think we could somehow override for-each-ref keys
with branch ones in-core. Too hacky?

>> A bigger
>> problem is show_detached(), --[no-]merged, --with and --contains. We
>> need to move some of those code over to for-each-ref.
> I saw that you fixed this.

Nope. --[no-]merged and --contains seem easy. show_detached is still
WIP, mostly because detached HEAD may or may not show when you provide
a pattern to git-branch (e.g. git branch --list 'foo*') and because
HEAD is always the first item, regardless of sorting order.
get_head_description also seems more porcelain-ish than a plumbing

>> Another problem
>> is the new "branch -v" seems to less responsive than old "branch -v"
>> because (I think) of sorting, even if we don't need it.
> Does your track-responsiveness patch fix this?


>> I checked out
>> your branch, made some more updates and pushed out to my
>> for-each-ref-pretty again. Changes are:
> *pants* Sorry, I'm finding it hard to keep up.

Sorry that branch was in a better shape the day I sent my previous
email. Then I kind of used it as a playground with --[no-]merged,
--contains and stuff :-P
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