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In my opinion, Cornelio Hopmann got it all wrong. The issue is not to do
with selling a useless product that has no demand. Rather, it has to do
with whether the target market is really aware of the benefits of the
product to them. This then boils down to illiteracy of the benefits of
the Internet to the user. Take my case as an example. We provide a 24 PC
Internet connectivity in an academic environment in Nigeria with about
10,000 students and 400 academic staff. Yet, the connectivity was not
maximally utilised. However, when we embarked on Internet awareness
training to the students, we now have to plan for more PCs as the
students continue to troop in.


Cornelio Hopmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Jean-Marie starts off by saying at first that there is insufficient
> infrastructure, continuing then that there is limited income, not enough
> content and applications, no local expertise, no awareness. In any other
> field of market-economy the straight-forward conclusion would be that
> you try to sell a useless product and that therefore there is no demand
> and hence there are neither sales nor much product to sell.

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