Hello Thaths and Others:

Thaths wrote regarding the issue of viruses becoming bandwidth consumers
and ultimately undermining the user experience for students, faculty,
and others. While I had discussed the technology behind the solution I
wrote about, it provides a remotely managed server that is monitored
every 15 minutes to ensure it is healthy and all processes are running
properly. It backs itself up each night to protect all of the
information stored on it (email, student and faculty web pages, and a
personal folder for each user to securely save their work). So this is a
more robust solution that just a proxy server - as a matter of fact, its
built-in internal and external firewalls have even withstood the rigours
of student hackers, often the most creative and dangerous!

So, the bottom line is that such solutions are available, affordable,
and secure to ensure that resources continue to be available to all
authorized users, and the user experience continues to be reliable. In
addition, a local Google-like search engine is also built into each
CampusAxxess server and can provide users with the ability to search
this local repository at network speeds and access Internet web sites
that are refreshed nightly to reflect any changes made to the live
Internet version. Reliable access to rich content and applications at
local area network speeds - sounds easy and it is, but is also the
result of a 3 year R&D project that was initially co-funded by the
Canadian Government Internet R&D agency (Canarie) and subsequently
launched by the developer, Advanced Interactive, for the international

If you would like more information, please contact me.


Robert Miller
EVP Global Inc.
Direct:   (416) 423-9100
Mobile:  (416) 464-7525
Fax:      (416) 696-9734

History teaches us that people and nations behave wisely, once they have
exhausted all other alternatives....   Abba Eban

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