At the BBQ on Sunday the topic of starting an Ubuntu SIG under GNHLUG was
discussed, Jon said the next step would be posting this here.

There is already an Ubuntu LoCo being started for New Hampshire.  A "LoCo"
is a local Ubuntu advocacy and promotion group which is given resources from
Ubuntu/Canonical such as CDs, a banner, etc.  They tend to be the "human
face of Ubuntu" in local areas and some go so far as releasing localized
versions of Ubuntu.  By policy they are not run under an existing LUG, but
are encouraged to collaborate and often "share meatspace".

Here's a short faq on this collaboration, with links to more info about

As there is already a GNHLUG SIG for Python and Ruby, the subject of
starting an Ubuntu SIG is favorably supported by a majority of the LoCo
members.  This would allow the LoCo to be tied into the LUG much better,
share physical meetings (and likely membership), and could grant us
501(c)(3) umbrella status for the SIG side if/once GNHLUG completes that
process (ie, for handling CD orders).  Ubuntu doesn't provide LoCos with

Is this something the board of GNULUG would like to see, and how do we go
about "getting approved" as a new SIG?

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