> > I think a Fedora SIG would be a great idea, too, if there's enough
> > people interested.
> I'd certainly be willing to get involved, time permitting.


> Fedora actually has something similar to LoCo, its probably just not as
> well advertised -- Fedora Ambassadors.

I'll argue that a Fedora SIG would be very benefitial, provided enough
Fedora LUG'ers are interested to get it started.  Like Ubuntu or any other
distro, Fedora has unique configuration mechanisms (printers, dialup,
drivers, etc), potential probems with package management, upgrading issues,
etc that new users are hitting and need help with.  Even for more advanced
Fedora users, it would seem the community aspect of the SIG would keep them

Emphasis on having enough people, which is why I'm not advocating a Gentoo
SIG despite it being my distro of choice :-)  There are a few GNHLUG people
(such as Ted and Bill) who seem to be doing most of the work, I don't think
it's fair to expect them to help run more chapters.

With the Ubuntu SIG proposal, we have a group of people energized and ready
to make this happen.  That seems to be the core issue at hand, whether
there's enough people for it.

If a Fedora SIG got started I would try to attend often, I have a Fedora box
here (for testing/dev) that I often run into difficulty maintaining and
would love to attend presentations/workshops on new releases and have a
group of local knowledgable people to get help from.
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