I believe what you are aiming for is a function already provided, or which
could be provided, through local chapters of GNHLUG.  When you're talking
about general advocacy "local" is important, and a special interest group is
thus redundant with the local GNHLUG chapters.

If you had a group of people willing to conduct special "new user"
workshops, I'm sure the chapter that meets in Nashua would be more than
happy to have them, you may even meet other people in Dover who'd be
interested in doing the local activism you've previously talked about or any
other local activism/advocacy.

The previous email contained numerous unintentional misleading statements
about what an Ubuntu LoCo is.  The LoCo is not about user support, it's not
about regular presentations or many "meatspace" user functions typically
associated with a LUG.  This is covered in the URL I posted earlier about
LoCos working with other groups.

This topic comes from discussion on needing a LUG-like group that focuses on
Ubuntu users and builds a support community for new users of that distro.
Creating an Ubuntu SIG was mentioned at the BBQ and I got Jon involved in
the discussion at that point.  The discussion at hand is whether and how
such a group could be formed as a GNHLUG SIG given that we have people
interested in doing so.

On the 501(c)(3) front, something I have a fair amount of experience with,
there's no conflict at all.  The LoCo is and must remain a separate
organization, this is well documented on Ubuntu's website.  It's part of the
Ubuntu project and is managed as such, despite being a local group, GNHLUG
has no more say over it's functions as it would over the Apache project.

There's obvious membership cross-over, but this is expected.  The
organizational relationship will be collaboration, not a merger, and GNHLUG
will thus never be asked to umbrella the LoCo.  If the SIG is umbrella'ed
it'll be able to do certain things the LoCo will not (and vice versa).

I believe the general GNHLUG mailing list would be appropriate for the SIG.
I agree that many different mailing lists can be fragmentizing, and by
getting new members joining through the Ubuntu SIG signed up to the general
list they'll learn about other presentations being run and thus encouraged
to attend them rather than being sandboxed in the Ubuntu SIG's camp.
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