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> Ken Ambrose said:
> >Alas, QA has one (or two, depending on how you look at it) strike(s)
> >against it:
> >- it's not "sexy," which means relatively few do it voluntarily, which means
> >- it costs money.
> I'm actually suprised more people don't want to do QA.  I mean, it's 
> rare that you can actually get paid for breaking things.  The real 
> bonus is that once you break them, you don't have to fix them, you 
> get to pass that ball to someone else in "development" :)
The problem there is a number of factors:

1) Developers don't want FAQs, and generally take a dim view of
end users (see mplayer).

2) Users assume the bug has already been reported.

3) End users usually don't know how to generate good bug reports.
"It doesn't work" never cuts it.  Any bug you report has to be repeatable
by the developers.


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