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> Most of those gripes are a matter of RH not having experience 
> sysadmins doing QA for them.

  Um, EXCUSE ME, but I'm an experienced sysadmin and *I* do QA for
them.  I'm on the beta team.  And I know *many* who do testing who are
quite experienced sysadmins as well.  However, I concede, that I can't
test everything.

>  Compare Derek's complaints to what I 
> would consider "standard sysadmin practices" as espoused by Evi 
> Nemeth, et al, in the UNIX/Linux System Administrator's Handbook 
> series.  RH violates these basic practices with their configurations 
> many times.

  *sigh*  I see the horse *is* still twitching.  At first glance, and
knowing Red Hat's distribution quite well, I'd have to disagree. 
However, I will now go read Derek's supposedly entertaining bug reports
for a more accurate understanding of what you are saying.

-Paul Iadonisi
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