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> Which is also one of the reasons it takes Debian 2.5 years to issue a
> new release!

Oh, come, come -- it's not really -that- quick, is it?  ;-)

> Regardless of distribution, you get a lot more bang for your buck
> with Linux than you do with any commercial OS!  Now, if we could just
> boost the QA level of all the distributions a little :)

Alas, QA has one (or two, depending on how you look at it) strike(s)
against it:
- it's not "sexy," which means relatively few do it voluntarily, which means
- it costs money.

That being said, more testing is required... but even less likely to
happen, what with, as Paul noted, the almost ridiculous amount of software
one gets with a stock distribution these days.  Fer Pete's sake: my first
slackware base install was something like 8 floppies (plus boot & root).
I imagine Mandrake will hit that number of CD-ROMs soon, if they haven't
already!  Funny -- that roughly follows Moore's Law.  I wonder if there's
a correlation?  [Ken in 2010: "Sheesh!  Where'd I put DVD #17?"]


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