On 4/12/2010 7:55 PM, RJack wrote:
Title 17 USC ยง 301

Preemption of state laws equivalent to copyright is irrelevant
to the GPL, which is a copyright license authorizing others to
practice some of the exclusive rights of the copyright holders,
as per federal copyright law.

So... I'll ask the question once more. Where is the link to "BusyBox
0.60.3" which was registered and claimed in the SFLC lawsuit as the
infringed work?

The SFLC lawsuit does not claim that BusyBox 0.60.3 is the infringed
work, as can easily be seen by reading the complaint,
The defendants are required to make available the version of the
BusyBox source code used to create the binary which they are
copying and distributing, not the source to BusyBox 0.60.3.
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