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> David Kastrup wrote:
> [...]
>> That sort of handwaving waffle got Wallace thrown out of court for
>> failure to state a claim.
> Wallace's case was dismissed because Chief Judge Eaterbrook is of
> opinion that 
> *** FOSS is junk ***
> "People willingly pay for quality software even when they can get 
> free (but imperfect) substitutes. Open Office is a free, open-source 
> suite of word processor, spreadsheet and  presentation software, but 
> the proprietary Microsoft Office has many more users. Gimp is a free, 
> open-source image editor, but the proprietary Adobe Photoshop enjoys 
> the lion's share of the market."

With that kind of argument, water is junk because people willingly pay
for wine.

> and 
> *** FOSS is doomed ***
> "The number of proprietary operating systems is growing, not shrinking, 
> so competition in this market continues quite apart from the fact that 
> the GPL ensures the future availability of Linux and other Unix 
> offshoots."

Actually, the number of free operating systems is _exploding_.  Which
some people try to take as a sign that *** FOSS is doomed *** as well.
The truth is that the number of any kind of system is growing because we
have a growing market.

But of course, our cute little troll Terekhov tries to figure out some
consolation prize from a verdict which he, at the same time, decries as
having to be the result of drunkenness.

David Kastrup
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