There doesn't seem to be any documentation of Tools ยป General Ledger,
neither in the Help Manual nor in the Concepts Tutorial. (I couldn't
find an answer in the FAQ or Using GnuCash either.)

I have transactions entered from 2017-12-31 though 2018-01-31. But for
some reason, the General Ledger shows only 2018-01-23 through
2018-01-31. I know that earlier transactions are there, because I can
get to them from the Accounts register. But I want the nice overview
that the General Ledger tool provides. How can I unlock its date range?
There doesn't seem to be anything in Preferences.

Please note: I'm talking about the General Ledger _tool_, not the
report. I want the ability to correct transactions that I get in the tool.

Stan Brown
Tompkins County, New York, USA

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