On 03/07/08 09:16, Christian Ferreira wrote:

While the core developers decide about the future for ps.map... I will
keep my idea for a cookbook going, since the "GRASS version upgrade
rate" for users can take months to years. And considering that GRASS
6.4 is not out, seems that GRASS 7 final will be out in 2009/2010.

Then... for some users, grass 7 is years away...

Also, I not a developer... so, my focus is not so much into the
future... but in the actual situation... the potential users and
newbie users that GRASS lose every year because of ps.map. Specially
for those people, the cookbook is necessary.

Thomas Adams is with me... who else?


for two ps.map files and the resulting map, showing thematic mapping, proportionate circles and patterns. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the pattern files I used...

Once I have some time, I'll try to contribute some more, possibly about using R to create symbols which you can then integrate with the eps '$' option in vpoints (see ages.png as an example, but can't find the psmap file right now :-( )

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